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New Zealand Index of Deprivation

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District Health Board data:

NZ Atlas of Deprivation
NZ Atlas of Deprivation

New Zealand index of deprivation (NZDep2013)

The index of deprivation gives a weighted score for each meshblock area (a Statistics NZ defined boundary containing, on average, 81 people) in New Zealand. The score is based on nine indicators taken from the 2013 New Zealand Census. From this score, meshblocks are divided into deciles from 1 (least deprived) to 10 (most deprived). For the purposes of this atlas, meshblock scores have been aggregated to Census Area Unit (CAU) level and filtered by District Health Board. Data displayed in this atlas was created by the Wellington School of Medicine, University of Otago.

District Health Boards

District health boards (DHBs) are responsible for providing or funding the provision of health services in their district. There are currently 20 DHB's in New Zealand.

Data tables

CAU by National

CAU by National