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How healthy is my DHB?

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District Health Board data:

Single map
Single map

How healthy is my DHB?

The "How healthy is my DHB?" Atlas shows the state of health in a District Health Board. The state of health in each area is compared over time and to the general state of health in New Zealand. It aids in identifying unmet healthcare needs and prioritising resources in each area. The crude and age standardized rates by sex and ethnicity are provided for the following conditions:

District Health Boards

District health boards (DHBs) are responsible for providing or funding the provision of health services in their district. There are currently 20 DHB's in New Zealand.

Data tables

District Health Board

District Health Board


The data analysed were supplied to the Environmental Health Indicators programme, Centre for Public Health Research, Massey University by Statistics New Zealand and the Ministry of Health. The data sources are the Census Population data, the National Minimum Dataset (Hospital Inpatient Events), the Mortality Collection Data, and the New Zealand Cancer Registry Data. For more information on the data source see: and

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